Valentine’s Day Messages Gone Wrong

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring for single gals  .

It’s actually quite amusing when one really thinks about it. Guys will do  these things they would prefer not to but try to accommodate womens percieved need for over attention.

Take for example the case of Valentine’s day greetings .Us girls are not necessarily looking for the grand gesture from anyone except our guy .So it’s quite amusing when potential, past and current dudes decide it’s time  to reach out . Partiuclarly the pressure they must feel to send that all emcompassing TEXT message to every woman they know.

A message Valentine’s Day via the witness protection program.

Here’s one from someone we’ll call  Al but he goes by Eric now. Perhaps he’s in the witness protection program. Apparently he’s changed identities depending on which female he’s talking to. You know this guy, he goes off the grid for months and pops up out of the blue when you’ve long forgotten about his ass.

Al/ Eric : Happy Valentines Day Baby . I will see you very soon . Eric

Her: Eric ? Lol I think you have the wrong girl playa!

Him : Crickets …….


The Proposal Gone Wrong 

On the other end of the spectrum is the visual guy.  He sends photos and selfies all the time .He keeps adores you.  One particular guy well call him The Athelete found a great way propose and never get an answer .Yes,you read that correctly

Embed from Getty Images

The Athlete sent her 3 ballons spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” but they were delivered facing the blank side. Katy never saw the other side went home happy about her gift unknowingly leaving the proposal at the office. Once they were both home The Athlete is wondering “Why is she’s so calm?” He finally says to her ” So are we just going to shack up ” Katy confused said ” What do you mean ”

Him  I sent you the ballons did you see it ?

Her : Yes I loved them!

Him Oh you didnt see the other side!  ,Will your marry me ?

Her : Oh my Gosh, yes yes of course I will!

And a happy ending this was.But hey in the spirit of Love gentlemen try to keep your messages clear and most importantly send it to the person it’s actually intended to reach.

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