Celebrate 135 Years of Thomas English Muffins : Have Free Breakfast with a “Team Thomas Celebrity !


135 years of the  one products is an incredible journey and a true testament to how tasty Thomas English Muffins are. Back in 1880 Sir Samuel Bath Thomas created the first batch that started  it all. I remember eating them crunchy with lots of butter. It’s the perfect bread to teach your little helpers the basics of pizza making too. Yeah that was a home economics project.

The classic English muffin with butter
The classic English muffin with butter

But flash forward to Thursday morning on April 23rd  6:00am – 12pm at the Muffin House you can be one of the first to try some new recipes and have breakfast with a “Team Thomas” Celebrity . New York is actually home to the original Thomas English Muffin bakery called the Muffin House located at  337 West 20th Street .

Who will be on hand  for “Team Thomas”? Phillip Michael Thomas, (Miami Vice), Richard Thomas ( John Boy, Walton , The Walton and Frank Glad on The Americans, Larry Thomas (AKA, The soup Nazi, from Seinfeld), Thomas Ian Nicholas ( star of Rookie of the Year” and Kevin from  ” American Pie” US figure skater Debi Thomas and Sean Patrick Thomas (Derek from “save the last Dance)

Meet Philip Michael Thomas at the Muffin House.
Meet Philip Michael Thomas at the Muffin House.
The Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas
The Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas

Clearly my super market is missing something because I had no idea Thomas’ English Muffins come in 16 flavors!  There two new ones on the ways this fall Limited edition Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry . Both are quite tasty. They will priced at approximately $4.49. If you happen to stop by IG your photos @Thomasbreads ( See the details below )

Thomas'135th_Food Truck Final_0408-3

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