Earth Day Product of the day is an organic Cure All ! New KORRES Herbal Supplement Syrup


Happy Earth Day  Beauties!

Right about now springs transitional baggage (ie. pollen ) is making its way to an allergy sufferer near you . Here’s a chance to get a jump start on feeling better and protect your throat. Introducing the KORRES Honey and Herbal Supplement Syrup an, exclusive herbal remedy from KORRES ( $19.50) . It’s 100% natural ,made with sweet honey , fennel, nutrient rich thyme, and aniseed. It’s available in the states from Greece for the very first time!
The syrup can be taken orally 4x a day or diluted in tea .

KORRES backstory on this product:  It is  inspired by ‘rakomelo’—a traditional Greek warming spirit which founder George Korres’ grandfather used to make in his village.

Enjoy the day and feel good.

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