6 Things You Need To Keep In Your Gym Bag

Now that the East Coast never ending frost is finally starting to thaw its time to rev up the workouts. With that I know there are some key items beauties should keep to maintain during and after a sweat session. So it’s on !  Here are some finds of I’m come across that are now gym bag staples.

Swish 4 energy mouth wash . Freshen your breath and get a boost of energy at the same time.

Swish 4 energy mouth wash

Swish 4 energy mouth wash


  • Simple make up remover pads and facial wipes . These are a staple for quick cleansing.
Simple Eye make up pads
Simple Eye make up pads
  • Headbands are a necessity.  I love these by Urban Halo . They absorb moisture and look great in so many funky prints and color. Sweat will stay out of your eyes in spin class.
  • A jar of Elaine Hair and Body peppermint Shea butter. The peppermint helps to cool your muscles and the Shea butter is an all over moisturizer. Elaines is all natural , no presevstives . You  can slather a little on your face too if you don’t have your usual moisturizer.
Elaine Hair &Body butter
Elaine Hair & Body Butter
  • A yoga towel like this one by NamaStay is great . It doubles as a cover for your mat and keeps you from slipping  .No need to carry your mat to class in a pinch.
NamaSTAY yoga towel
NamaSTAY yoga towel
  • Contigo water bottles with a filter water is essential. This bottle allows me to hydrate all day . There are so many styles to choose from so there’s bound to be one that fits your lifestyle.  Mine has  is a filter so it can be refilled with tap water.

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