ClassPass Is The Commitment Phobes Best Friend

Screen-Shot-2014-02-13-at-3.45.34-PM2badc348e14221ed9365108b073216f1I have literally been working out since I was 18 pretty religiously. I’ve had my lazy moments but I always go back. Over the past few years so many new fitness options have been introduced .I’ve been intriqued with so many new workout routines.  There’s Yoga, Barre, Spin, Zumba, KickBoxing ,Pilates there is even a surfing workout now! Why do I have to choose one and stick with it?  Hasn’t it been said a million times  that muscles need to be “tricked” into staying in shape with various workouts?

Well, I wanted to do it all  and challenge myself . Enter Class aka life reality workout .

Let me explain . Classpass is a monthly membership online  that allows the user to attend classes of all kinds with in your area . You log in find a class and reserve it. It’s that simple. So if you have commitment is issues this is all you .
Spin today ,boxing tomorrow , pole dancing Wednesday  why not do it all ?  Find out what you are really good at with class pass. Even better find out what your not good at and stick to it and get better. Your body will thank you.

What I love about it is there are literally hundreds of studios to try.

During my first month my focus was on cardio. I wondered if there was a class that combines two activities I really love, spin and barre. Viola ! Just ask and class pass has it. I found Local Barre of Hoboken that has a class called Handle Barre. The perfect combo of sweaty burning spin with muscle building core exercises to tone. Score! (note :Local Barre is not longer with class pass)

Me after a Flywheel class #NeverCoast
Me after a Flywheel class #NeverCoast wearing my #BFXPrettyHurts Tee ,Urban Halo headband and Athleta fitness pants

I attended Title Boxing  in the city for a Kick boxing class. Lots of kicking, punching, sweating and more of the same. This class is not really about training you into a fighter its more of a workout. And it was a good one. But I discovered I would only come here as a back up. I left with several bruised on my legs from the hard bags.

Another studio I would return to is a dance fitness studio called Sports Barre JC (Jersey City). Opened recently by two former Rockettes. The classes are fun, small and did I say fun! My favorite so far is Dance Your A$$ off. It’s high energy dance fitness class that’s a good sweat . It will leave you feeling ready for the dance floor. Bring your inner BEY. I’m going back for the Tramp Stamp class (this is a trampoline workout) .I’m told it would be ideal for those of us with lower back issues.

But don’t take my word try for yourself. There are literally hundreds of classes to try from the best studios in the area. BFX Fitness, Anti Gravity Fitness, Flywheel, Core Fusion, The Sports BarreJC, Movement, Title Boxing Gyms, Bikram Yoga are just a few. For people that travel often into the states class may be ideal as well.

So at $99 a month which is the average cost of a membership at a basic gym you can try any class you like at your fitness level , in your city or an area your traveling to. The cons are few and far between but there are two.  You can only take 3 classes per studio so If you love it your actually have to get the individual membership or just wait till next month and go back for 3 more classes. Secondly sign up for a class and missing it will cost you $15.00 fee, so better make sure once you hit the button your there.

Have you tried class pass yet ?

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