Puffy Eyes ? Not Anymore ,Patchology Flash Patch Eye Gels Cracks The Code

I had an opportunity to sit down with the people from Patchology to find out about their latest products for eyes. Any product that offers a well rested eye area in five minutes is worth investigating. The Flash Patch Eye Gels are the latest in hi tech eye gels to revive the eye skin area . Patchology specializes in targeted skincare maques for the face and eye area. If your looking to rev up your eye area regime this may be your new secret weapon.

Patchlogy Flash Patch Eye Gels
Patchlogy Flash Patch Eye Gels


What makes these gels different from just a plain eye gel? Well for starters the treatment , an exclusive formula called Hydrasurge5 Moisture system is compact in a refreshing translucent hydrogel patch.  Think jello but way better consistency . Caffeine , a key ingredient is instrumental in reducing under eye puffiness. It tightens skin and firms . But in total wearers will get the benefits of five powerful hydration ingredients in 5 minutes ! The patch is applied directly to the under eyea area and stays in place infusing all of the ingredients into the eye skin.

When can you use them ? Anytime before applying make up, before bed as an eye treatment, and during allergy season to keep puffy eyes in check. Anytime your eyes need a pick me up is the time to #Patchup! I tried them during spring allergy season and found them quite helpful with pollen puffy eyes.

When will  you see a difference? In about 5 minutes! My skin was softer , brighter, smoother and looked radiant after the time alotted.  Flash Patches are great to travel with or use in a crunch for a big event or date night.

Find Patchology Flash Patch Eye Gels at Neiman Marcus and Berdorf Goodman ($50)


Patchology Microcurrent  Solution
Patchology Microcurrent Solution



 FlashPatches at work
Flash Patches at work


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