6th Annual Governor’s Ball Festival : Fashion, Fun and Drake!

I just had the best Friday courtesy of Dove in the #RevitalizeMe cabana at the 6th annual Govenor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island in NYC. It was my first music festival on the island event though I’ve lived around the city most of my life but I’ve never ventured to Randall’s Island. The headliner was no other than DRAKE !!! Talk about excited!  Now I just had to stay energized  as he was schedule to perform at 9pm and it was still morning.

To begin our day we loaded up on the bus in midtown arriving at Randall’s Island around 10:30am The Beauty crew  were led to our  “home for the day”;  where breakfast and the Dove executives were on hand  to deliver a presentation on the Revitalize Me campaign and Go Fresh  collection. The new scented body washes are intentionally formulated to make your skin softer and smoother with each wash. Have you tried them yet ?  My current fave is the  Mandarin -Tiare Orange scent . It leaves my skin scented and soft.

The  luxe cabana was decked out to reflect a spa like atmosphere, complete with all white décor. Including the softest bean bag chairs ,orange accented accessories , flash tattoo station , flower crowns for all ,and a manicure station from ManiCare. They are the New York / New Jersey answer to at home spa mani- pedi services. After experiencing a pedicure from them earlier in the month my feet are Haviana ready.


The  Dove Go Fresh Collection
The Dove Go Fresh Collection



The day was a blast! We all danced sang sipped, and enjoyed the festival . Band  highlights of the day for me were FUTURE who performed early in the day and got the crowd pumped . Cromeo,Charlie XCX and Odezsa  (thx@beautyandthefeast!) continued the party throughout the day. It rained for a good portion of the morning so the grass was wet. It was a good thing I had on my Harleys . These boots were comfortable all day and the leather quality is riddic. I paired them with vintage high waisted jeans and a white racerfront bodysuit from H&M . To keep frizz at bay in the humidity I brought along a travel size Hair Rules  finishing cream and  my Hermes square  colorful silk scarf. The Runway Curls were set by my natural curls  were doing their own thing  so scarf it was. Very 70s right ! I’ve had these jean for about 7 yrs now. It’s funny how fashion works. I for one am  happy about this 70s fashion reivial because I’ve got a wardrobe of vintage 70s gear to rock.

The Violets : booties by Harley Davidson . Walked all day in these
The Violets : booties by Harley Davidson Footwear


My essentials for the day
My essentials for the day: MotoX, Carreras, Hair Rules and Urban Decay , Flora Botanical roller, MAKE UP FOREVER ,Natures Gate and Aura Cacia wipes.

The later it got the more the main stage seemed to swell. By 8 pm you could feel the anticipation and the energy.By 9 pm it was clear that Drizzy was in the building .The stage was cleared leaving only a mic.  It was  Drake and a mic no chaser. He went from new songs to old “Jungle” Know Yourself” among the set and of course a “Started from the bottom” This was a great way to kick of  NY  summer music festival season.



A peak at the lounge . Love the pillows!


gov ball full outfit


My festival style included a racer front tee bodysuit from H&M, Carrera sunnies, Hermes scarf, Vintage high waisted jeans and booties by Harley Davidson HD footwear and of course bubbles courtesy of @Dove.


Drake drops the mic. What a great show ! He gave New Yorkers what the wanted and fed our egos too. “This is the best festival crowd I’ve ever seen in my life” he said. Well  thanks!








Photos taken with MotoX Motorola except for standing shot. Courtesy of @gregorie via Samsung

Thanks to Dove ,H&M ,Harley Davidson Footwear  , Uber, Safilo and Runway Curls. A special thanks to Erica and Kassandra at EdelmanPR 



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