Workouts for Your 2015 Summer Bikini Body

Girl doing crunches, green background

National Bikini Day has come and gone but are you still  looking to perfect your bikini body?

In the never ending journey to keep in shape try something different and push it to the limit. That being said there are  some great workouts to try this summer that build sleek sexy muscles . These are all guaranteed classes to whip you into bikini shape in no time . All you have to do is stick with it 3-4 times a week.

Here are my picks for most Ass Kicking workouts in and around the city .

All over conditioning

D -Dojo Karate

This workout is with  Igor  Dyachenko who is world class certified trained killing machine and I’m not exaggerating He has been a trained fighter for over 10 years winning many championships My tutorial and private lesson re taught me how to kick , punch and use my body weight and movement to my advantage. All while lifting my and toning my thighs . Next day soreness is guaranteed.  800- 1000 calorie burn (

Best Burn Workouts

FlyWheel  – Is the ultimate cycling workout. What to love about it : You compete with the class and yourself to keep your literally on your toes . But honestly the competition is with yourself to be better than you were the last class. You burn more, sweat more its a win win .Expect to burn an average of  600-800 Calories per class. (per Flywheel) I’d call this an abs and butt creator.

Drill Fitness – Thanks to Class pass classes like this are accessible to anyone who joins the site. Drill Fitness classes are designed to make students SWEAT.And you will in buckets. The classes are bootcamp-eque designed to build up endurance and strength. Using a combo of strength training techniques students are challenged with kettle bells , dumbells, and tons of squats. Each student wears a heart monitor to track progress and intensity. Its the best 50 minutes of your day that flies by.

Jersey City Kickboxing

This class starts off with a warm up that is tough. Expect to be one of the guys today your train hard here . There is no special treatment because your a girl. You will be expected to do  full on push ups ladies.  Students train in a traditional Muy Thai dojo with spartan feel. Warm ups consist of a series 5-6 minute drills of circuit exercises. Here’s and an example of round 150 quats, 100 situp 25 pushups 25 jumping jacks . This is done for 5 minutes straight then on to the next round of drills. This goes on for about 20 minutes and then you start the real class. Ready? Your abs will thank you a week later.


Yoga Workouts

Anti Gravity Fitness by Christopher Harrison 

If you want to fly though the air like an acrobat this if for you. Strength  training ,yoga and cardio all rolled into one. Want to  make this a fitness vacation? Head to St Thomas to Point Wellness Spa at Point Pleasant Resort for classes in the Caribbean over the ocean. Then follow up your practice with utdoor message

*Sidebar  Crunch Fitness  offers  antigravity barre classes. Look for classes with Kim Green who is Chris Harrison certified.

Best Local Gym

World Boxing Gym (Jersey City)

A local gym in Jersey City where boxers train for fights. This is one of the best gyms for servera reasons.  It’s local affordable (approx:$150 for 3 months), off the beaten path and super clean . The gym is low-key offering no fuss  cardio equipment , free weights and recently added classes in yoga, boot camp and boxing. Members are there to work out not chit chat and the staff is friendly .Clean facilities are showers ,restrooms and lockers. Walking distance or bike from Grove St . You’ll often see professional boxers train here as it has a real boxing ring available. Classes are offered and personal training is available. It’s a moden day Spartan gym with the latest equipment . So fresh and so clean.

Best Online Workouts (Free)


So what if classes are not your thing or your on the go a lot , there are options. One of the toughest workout channels on the net comes from BodyRock.TV  Sign up for a challenge (Ie: FatBurn challenge) and daily workouts will be emailed directly to you. Search the site for routines and videos for daily HIIT Workouts. Female friendly equipment like the BodyRock Vest are available to help add no bulk resistance weight training to your sets. The training team here is focused on at home training specifically geared to women , with little or no  equipment these worouts use drill or 60 second timer . One the list burpees, yes, weights yes, new abs ? Oh yes just keep going. Lisa and BodyRock TV trainers inspired you to slay the workout!

Best Work out Extra

BFX Studio is one of my new favorite workout locations with several spaces in manhattan. BFX Fitness offers an incredible service to help assist you in trimming your waist line. This service called  FIT 3D virtually scans your body and reads every ounce of fat and muscle. When I did mine and it was shockenly accurate . FIT 3D takes the guess work out out of your progress and puts it infront of you. (at BFX Studio $99)

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