Toasting With Taitttinger! A Guide to Holiday Champagne Pairings



Beautylicious Lifestyle is all  for a good bubbly toast so when Taittinger called in invited us to come celebrate the Art of Celebrating the Holidays  we jumped at the opportunity. The event was a fabulous tasting of various Taittinger Champagne. The fab guest list was
invited to an  exclusive townhouse location on East 12th Street in New York City.


If you know me you’ll know that champagne is my favorite spirit. And as Taittinger is one of the last family owned Grand Marque Champagne houses in the world this was  special evening.  Cocktail hour featured tastings and pairings with a sampling of canapes by Chef Sarah Simmons of Birds & Bubbles. One of my favorites was the Brussels Crostini with a Champagne Vinaigrette, pomegranate. It was divine with the Taittinger Prestige Rose NV. This version is a delicious, light somewhat fruity,happy bubbly. Usually a  Rose is not my first choice  but this was incredible. It was  perfect on this hot and humid New York day.


The Taittinger Townshouse for the day


A sampling of delicious desserts included chocolate champagne truffles, lemon tartlets with toasted meringue and French macaroons with Champagne buttercream. The Chocolate truffles  were everything and so heavenly paired with the Taittinger Rose.

Though holidays are a few months away  and we can still enjoy summer thank goodness, now is good time to start thinking of ideas for a holiday champagne party.

I had a chance to meet guest  Sommelier Jerusha Frost of Chefs Club and got the scoop on her choices for holiday champagne pairings.

What to pair with an entrée?


For dinner pair  Taittinger Prestige Rose NV( $83.99) with shrimp, duck or vegetable dish  .For that extra special occasion try Comtes de Champagne.


Thinking of a sweet pairing ?

With a dessert course try pairing  Taittinger Nocturne($81.99) with a lemon based desert or Taittinger Prestige Rose NV with a chocolate.











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