August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

If you were born this month you may be obsessed with your hair , it’s a Leo Trait aka  The Lions Mame . But taking that into account it’s only fitting that August is National Hair Loss Awareness month . Why it’s important to women is this . According to a recent study  in the Journal of Dermatology, Fall is prime time for female hair loss.

“This is because women’s hair cycle typically transitions into a resting stage in July, leading into the shedding phase throughout the fall. Also, with the harsh weather of the season, hair is even more strained than normal causing unnecessary breakage”

August being the time seasons begin to shift is a great time to address the fall shed with supplements and a diet that caters to your hair . The experts at NeoCell answered some questions on how to combat female hair loss . I spoke to Tim Mount, certified clinical nutritionist and director of education for NeoCell about solutions. Neocell creates natural solutions to hair loss and collagen replacement.




Is there anything women can do as they get older to prevent hair loss?
Collagen is critical to preventing hair loss. Collagen forms a capsule around the root of a hair and anchors the hair in the scalp, but as we age collagen naturally diminishes and the collagen capsule breaks down, increasing the likelihood of the hair falling out. A NeoCell Collagen supplement can help rebuild lost collagen and allow us to retain more of our hair. Keratin is another important protein for hair health. Over time, the cells that produce new keratin slowdown, which results in thinning hair. NeoCell’s Keratin Hair Volumizer contains the world’s first stabilized keratin and has been clinically proven to reduce normal hair loss from washing, as well as improve the strength and brilliance of hair. Not only can a person reduce hair loss, but the appearance of existing hair improves as well.

Finally, nutritional deficiencies are a common issue among women experiencing hair loss. Low levels of dietary iron are one of the most common problems, so I recommend a diet high in lean red meats and iron rich vegetables like baby spinach. Biotin, a B vitamin (B7) is also renowned to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss. For this relatively scarce nutrient, I recommend a high dose supplement such as NeoCell’s Biotin Bursts, which contain 10,000mcg of highly absorbable biotin in a delicious soft chew.

Some women experience stages of Alopecia. Is this reversible with supplements like NeoCell?
Nobody has figured out how to resurrect a dead hair root, but often a receding hairline still has fine, lightly colored hair that hasn’t been completely lost. A NeoCell supplement can help to dramatically thicken those hairs by increasing the amount of nutrients that are transported into the hair follicle so they appear fuller. What was peach fuzz can become visible again.




Now that you know a bit more about solutions from Neocell your ready for a fullhead of hair all fall. # GoLong! For more solutions check out my article on 





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