Caro’ls Daughter Wants to Celebrate You #Born And Made

Have you been seeing the pop ups of gorgeous girls with curls and with  #BornandMade image movement As a big fan of the Carols Daughter Monoi collection I had to partake. The new campaign  which launched officially August 27th , encourages every girl to be who they truly are. Carol’s Daughter teamed up with I Am That Girl a non-profit co- founded by Emily Greener that inspires girls to love, express and be themselves truly. This month join the movement with  your sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts and family friends to create your own image online.




Lisa Price #BornandMade



Some of the best loved products lines in the campaign inlcude the Hair Milk Collection, Black Vanilla Collection, The Hairdress Collection and more. Most of these can be purchased at Target , Walgreens and Sally Beauty Supply.

Here ‘s my image and a blogger buddy of mine @TaniaJen below


Me #bornandmade
Me #bornandmade

Doing it with another blogger buddy is fun. Spread the word !


@taniajen #Bornandmade
@taniajen #Bornandmade


Get your image here 






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