Clarisonic Alpha Fit, The First Grooming Tool For Him


Clarisonic’s new Alpha Fit for men



Looking around over the past year I can’t help but notice that men are taking a step back from the clean look and diving into the dare I say it the unshaven zone. I’ve resigned to calling it the ” I’m never shaving again ” look.

When did this happen ? And more importantly Why ???? But since the grizzly look seems to be sticking around longer than a lot of us girls would who have men in their lives would appreciate  the only other option is to help him keep it well-groomed. Who needs a dirty beard rubbing on your clean soft skin?


What's inside of the Clarisonic , Alpha Fit.
What’s inside of the Clarisonic , Alpha Fit. photo: motoxpureedition

Saving the day is Clarisonic!  Just in time for the holidays  is the new Alpha Fit device  designed specifically for men’s skin. It just hit stores in September. Using  patented Sonic technology it cleans his beard, and exfoliates at the same time. The best part is he can use it with or without the beard.

Recently on a shoot I asked Celeb hair stylist (FLOTUS is a client)), Johnny Wright  if he’s tried it yet ?”Oh yes,  I love Clarisonic and have been using the women’s, I’m so happy they came out with Alpha Fit” There you have it from a man who knows beauty and brawn.

The highlights of Alpha Fit your guy will love: 

  • Its Waterproof so he can use it in the shower
  • It fits in the palm of his hand , it’s portable and great for travel or the gym.
  • Alpha Fit uses 2 settings : Clean shaven and Power Cleansing . Very simple because, well men are simple creatures.

Alpha Fit by Clarisonic can be purchased at ($189.)

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