How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Survival!

Over the years I have known more than enough women  with breast cancer . A cousin who passed away under 40, and aunt in her 70’s and  family friend in her 30’s who survived with early detection and lastly my own mother who thankfully found it early enough to do something about it.  And according the Dr. that treated my own her the reality is  just having breast puts us all at risk . So the best thing to do practice prevention methods, get mammograms and  always celebrate survival.


After the the devastating news of breast cancer  so close to home I teamed up with Mani Care of NJ (on  the go mani /pedi service) to celebrate women’s breast cancer survival, with a survival circle. They graciously provided pampering manicure and pedicure services for each women who was interested. Mani care specialist are based in your neighborhood or close by so they can come to your home or office for personal service or events.

Gathering family and family friends who have survived or are a support system is a great way to start a circle . We enlisted the help of a family friend who happens to be a nutritionist . She presented a host of information on anti cancer foods , and ingredients to be aware of and more.

The ladies formed a circle to share their stories which ranged from breast cancer survival stories from ages 32 up to 70 . This truly shows the disease has no discrimination .








Rica from Mani Care (Englewood, NJ completing a mani /pedi. on Mrs Robinson mother of a survivor.

The ladies shared a meal of healthy foods like several  kale salads, grilled fish , baked barbecue chicken  and even organic wine. In addition to spring water, fresh juices. Everyone left with a gift bag full of products safe for patients who have been through chemo.


If you are motivated to start a circle or group of survivors here are some of the benefits .

  • Engaging with others creates a support system.
  • Become closer to your family and friends through a deeper connection.
  • Share information on cancer fighting food, the latest treatments, and lifestyle changes that may work for you and others
  • Helping others helps yourself
  • Pampering goes a long way in healing. (ie :massages, mani, pedis, scalp massages)







Epilogue.: Sadly just 3 months after this photo my aunt(the woman in purple) passed away from esophagus cancer.This is one of last smiling photos of her.  She will be missed by the circle.

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