Getting Ready For Halloween Guide

This year I decided to go all out and get a costume and actually do the makeup to go with it. For some inspiration I looked to one of my favorite makeup brands for ideas. This face will probably not go full on creative make up but it’s good to know these artist can do this for anyone who pops in for a Halloween make over. 

The MAKE UP FOREVER   beauty artists can get you all ready for your big scare.Recently at their NYC studio I was color matched with Ultra HD Foundation #175 . It goes on so smooth like a second skin and lasts all day.  Ultra HD is the perfect way to start a  look if your going for something more subtle. Lashes are also a great option as they offer choices from the glam ,ghostly ,to natural look.


Ultra HD #175 is a near perfect match for my skin
Ultra HD #175 is a near perfect match for my skin

wpid-20151027_001916.jpgMAKE UP FOREVER: Lash categories include Dramatic Volume, Winged and Creative Impact


Here are a few looks the artists at MAKE UP FOREVER created.






Sea Monster




This year I looked for some a costume. What is great about is while you  are in the process of ordering they will help out with suggested items to accessorize. Wings, petticoats, lingerie and even shoes are suggested. 


I chose a fairy costume as I had wings purchased already and paired it with the suggested petticoat.


October in the Northeast calls for tights or decorative fishnets to really pull the entire look together and keep you warm.  There are some fun options from Hanes and Leggs in decorative patterns ,socks thigh highs and leggings.



Finally with these ideas in mind , the best part is deciding  on which party to attend. Happy Halloween! 

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