Get Glowing Holiday Skin In Less Than 30 Days With Pure Gold Collagen

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Pure Gold Collagen is a liquid supplement meant to be taken in the morning before eating .While meeting with the brand I learned morning is the best time for collagen absorption, though it can be absorbed at anytime of day. Gold Collagen is a direct dose of this skin building nutrient. Taking it for 30 days will improve upon skin collagen levels, hair texture, and reduce fine lines. I’m 2 weeks in and seeing stronger nails already !If you are looking to grow stronger hair liquid Pure Gold Collagen is said to be able to help with this also.

Here are the stats

After clinical studies*, it was concluded that GOLD COLLAGEN®:

  • Increased skin hydration – after 3 weeks, skin hydration was increased by 12%
  • Decreased wrinkles – after 6 weeks, fine lines were reduced by 15% and the depth of wrinkles were reduced by 27%
  • Improved skin elasticity – after 9 weeks, skin elasticity was increased by 20%.


You can now find it at Ulta.comHave your tried Gold Collagen?


photo courtesy of Woods &Co.

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