Fitgirl News : Cycle Cast Audio App Launches on ITunes

If you like to cycle or take spin classes this app is a must . Cyclecast is the new app for spin enthusiasts who want the audio without the class. If you missed that 7am spin class , no need to worry now.

cyclecastapHow does it work?

You download the CycleCast App on to your IOS device .(no android yet but soon.) Decide how much time you have 20, 45,or 60 minutes. Select a trainer you’d like to workout with the music and then get started.


Can an you get a good workout from an app ?

I definitely felt the burn. A small group of us trained at Revolve Fitness with Jess Walsh (CycleCast a Trainer) on site .  CycleCast can be like having your own personal spin class with you at all times. The music is pre determined by the the top spin instructors in NYC and each workout has a selection of genres to choose from. All spin worthy music to keep you going.



Me and @urbanmilan at the Cyclecast class.
Me and @urbanmilan at the Cyclecast class at New York’s @RevolveFitness

Verdict :

CycleCast is something I’d use for a 20 min  cardio workout at the gym. It would make keeping a scheduled cardio session easier on a busy day of meetings .We did. 20 min workout and cool down with instructor Jess Walsh and it was a kick ass 20 minutes!



Fitness gear:

Thanks to Carbon38 by Willi and @TFTFit Tee shirt

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