FitGift Idea :Monster Clarity HD High Performance Earbuds

I’ve been going to the gym often so of course a great pair of headphones are a staple. It’s become obvious lately that the time had come to break up with my flimsy earbuds and trade up!
You deserve better is the thought process that went into the new Clarity HD High Performance earbuds. Yes , I deserve better service from my headphones.

So I was very excited to receive the new Clarity HD High Performance earbuds from Monster Products. The company is known for their “Monster sound” so I was expecting nothing less.
This pair was fashionably functional in cool white with silver hardware accents. The Clarity HD buds are available in four fun colors.

First I noticed they are light but feel sturdy. They are made with a  flat cord so it won’t tangle .This is a major plus for active users. The mic is accented in silver and also feels solid .
Taking them to the gym went well. My music was crystal clear and I could zone out on the stairmaster. There is no distracting noise coming through these babies! You can still hear when necessary but gym time is me time.


After a talking on a few calls I asked a friend how things sounded from her end “Great I had no idea you were on headphones” Bingo! The true test of dare I say it “Clarity” Talking comes through full and rich.


At $49.95 for the Clarity HD wired headphone is a great deal. There is also a Bluetooth version for $89.95. So its right on target for gifting your fitness buddies.The fit is comfortable and offers serveral soft tip sizes.

Here are my pros on the new Clarity HD Earphone.

  • Excellent sound quality for
    Music and talking .
  • Fashionable design
  • Solid feel and weight
  • Works with all devices
  • Available at 2 price points

My only concern with them is the slippage. Upon opening the box I found several soft tip sizes to choose from .Since this is usually my problem I chose the smallest set. But alas, still finding myself pushing them back in occasionally so perhaps a wrap around add on option would be best for my ears particularly during workouts. This a very small price to pay for a solid in ear headphone and excellent sound quality.

Feel like gifting the gift of Clarity ?
Check out  monster products

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