Ring In The Holidays With Taittinger Champagne

I love champagne. There I said it. That being said nothing but the best will do. This holiday I plan to  pair champagne with my meal and desserts instead of wine. Recently I was fortunate enough to get an up close and personal look at Taittinger Champagne options during a private pairing and tasting  at a New York penthouse. There are quite a few variations  and price points to chose from for those perfect moments.

Festive Holiday dinners can be paired with the classic Brut Reserve .A blend of chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier and aged three to four years. This is great for dinner party with friends and family.




For an extra special treat with dessert or celebrating say the best year end of 2015 Taittinger Nocturne will do the trick . One of my favorites as its smooth and flavorful.The  sparking bottle purple has royal festive feel. This is the bottle to enjoy when the night will go on and on. Pair Nocturne a  smooth and velvety beverage with rich desserts, or a creamy dish.



Taittinger Champagne options

Taittinger Prelude Grand Crush  Curve (great with seafood )and Taittinger  Prestige Rose ( pair this  with salad or fruit desserts) pictured above would be a welcome addition to any holiday party.



Which one will be on your table this holiday?




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