Your Money : Clever Girl Finance Hosts Your Guide to Financial Success

Women and Money ! CleverGirlFinances workshop
Women and Money ! workshop





Its all glam and games until the check comes. Financing a fabulous lifestyle takes planning and strategy . But we have to talk about it. Many women are of the school of “We do not talking about money” . It’s just the way we are taught . Well according to Bola Onoda Sokunbi, founder of those days are really over. Women want and most importantly need to be in control of their finances and sometimes of the entire family budget. Bola teamed up with investment educator Jenny Coombs, founder and CEO of to produce the first “Guide to Financial Success ” workshop at Brightside Tavern in downtown Jersey City Saturday January 30th. I was invited to attend the workshop and I’m so glad I did.


Bola, with a background in technology and business saw a need for women to know more about successful decision-making for our  finances and was born. She now helps women from all walks of financial life to reboot , refresh and regrow their money. Jenny Coombs has most recently given a TEDX talk in Jersey City , when not speaking on investing she educates young adults and women how to invest their money via


These two are a dynamo of information to empower women to really take an honest look at their money and future financial situation . The workshop focused on topics from savings , investing, budget strategies , stocks and so much more. The itinerary included speakers Bola Sokunnbi, of CleaverGirl, Jenny Coombs of and special guest speaker  Joy Doyuin Ogunneye Global Brand Manager of Collar and Nails Marketing for CND Brand at Revlon, and creator of @thepinkjoy, discussing career dreams becoming reality.

Joy Doyin Ogunneye guest speaker
Joy Doyin Ogunneye guest speaker (photo courtesy of @thepinkjoy Instagram)


If you are looking to get your money woes under control and move your dreams forward here are some starting tips anyone can use.





1.Forgive yourself for past financial disasters. We have all done some thing absolutely ridiculous that we wish in hindsight didn’t occur. Get past it and start fresh.

2.Align your spending with your core goals : Spend only if it makes sense toward the ultimate goal.


Jenny Coombs discussing investing
Jenny Coombs discussing investing


3 .Be honest with your self ask yourself a few questions.




4. Give your budget a name you can look forward to . (example your budget is called the Boss Lady Builder List)

5.Set a timeline for your financial goals ( 1, year 2, years, 10 years whatever it is stick  to it )

6 .When considering purchasing stock options according to Jenny Coombs “Never buy a new IPO wait and let it level out (remember Facebook?) .And only buy stock in a company if you understand what they do ”

The 3 hour event left all inspired to go the journey to building their finances and aiming for long term wealth. Find out more on the event via @ClevergirlFinance, @GradMoney. #CCF #gradmoney #Clevergirlsknow.







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