Vegan Beauty News- Thrive Causemetics What Happens When The Editors Become Models –

This fashion week Beautylicous Lifestyle had the opportunity to see peers in action for the  first ever Thrive Causemetics Beauty Runway Show. Thrive is a vegan cosmetics brand aimed at working with women recovering from chemo and radiation treatments The event was held at Midtown loft on 5th Avenue. This was the first fashion show of its kind to use real models.  These “real models” were the insiders in the beauty industry. This was a great opportunity for media to give back with their time and have a little fun.



Karissa Bodner (middle) with the Thrive crew.

“Thrives’s focus on the face allows us to celebrate each woman’s individual beauty” said Karissa Bodnera, founder of Thrive Causemetics. Each woman had one feature highlighted eyes, lips or  What is so great about Thrive is their “Beauty With A Purpose ” theme in all they do.



Christina Heiser , Editor at Women’s Health with another editor in the show.

The brands giving mission provided and opportunity for attendees to support women going through cancer treatment. The event offered a giving tree including at product donations to NY area hospitals valued at $25,000. And daily when you buy a product from Thrive one is donated to a woman in need. Thrive Causemetics is Beauty that’s Vegan, Luxury and gives back.





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