The Week I Cleansed My Face With Mineral Water


A few years ago a beautiful friend of mine from Paris asked me if I wash my face with Evian water .”Porquoi?” she asked when I gave her the side eye. You know as if to say “why would I do that” She said water from the tap is not good for our skin . I chalked it up to a French beauty thing American girls wouldn’t do.
Boy was I wrong!
Flash forward here I am testing out the latest “Asian beauty secret” of cleansing with sparking mineral water. Hold on to your Perrier , I’m talking about a specific water from the Carpatica Mountains in the last wild forest in Europe called AQUA Carpatica water . The worlds only nitrate free naturally sparkling mineral water.
When the two  bottles arrived I was intrigued by the packaging  but tasted the water first
Both sparking and flat waters were delicious.But my mission was to cleanse not drink.

The AQUA Carpatica package arrival #MOTO XPure.



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I started with a cotton ball added water and wet my face .Then added a bit of cleanser ,doused my Clarisonic with the water and hit the button. Using a cotton ball again to rinse off any trace of cleanser with AQUA Capartica
After the first wash my skin felt softer and I noticed I didn’t need to run for moisturizer. The water itself is loaded with Calcium, Magnesium (anti-inflammatory properties), Natural carbonation and a nearly neutral pH balance of 6.5.It’s a skin regeneration cocktail.

By day 3 my skin actually looked brighter , was softer, and was clearer. This was truly a surprise .At this point I was contemplating what small luxury  to give up so I can buy  this water by the gallons.



By day 7 ,after cleansing morning and night with AQUA Carpatica I can report that I used less  moisturizer and serum but had better results . My skin was brighter , clearer and smoother .In a word it  looked #Flawless!

In  my skincare rotation currently are Caudalie Vino Perfect serum, Trilogy Rose Oil ,Kiehls avocado eye cremeCover Fx radiance drops.



Findings after a week.
This process was new to me but apparently women have been doing it for years.  What I learned here is that the quality of the water really makes a huge difference in how your skin reacts overall.

      • Cleansing this way saves on moisturizer.
      • My skin was clearer than it been in a long time.
      • I would definitely do this again.

Since AQUA Carpatica is not available in all states yet , you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. It’s coming to stores this summer.


But , if you are not about to  wait for the east coast release of Aquacarpatica (California already has it ) there is a solution.. Korean powerhouse skincare line Laniege can handle the sparking water fan. Laniege  has a fantastic line of water bank (water) based products. Specifically the Brightening Sparkling Water Whipped Cleanser (Target $23.). It’s made with sparkling water and really brightens ,and  deep cleanses.  The foaming texture whips up like a mousse immediately .Follow it with Laneige Water Bank eye gel and  Water  Bank sleeping mask at night . Boom ! Hydrated  skin in no time.






Photos courtesy of 5 WPR,,, MOTOX Pure.

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