Kiehls LifeRide For amFar launches the Ride with Arist Jose Parla

Chris Salgado  in red, (Kiehl’s President ) with this years group of celebrity LifeRiders


This is the 4th year of the Kiehl’s Life Ride . What is is ? The annual LifeRide for amFar is an 11 day bike tour of motorccle riders across the country. It launched earlier this month and will end on August 12 th.

This year Kiehl’s has partnered with artist Jose Parla and The ICC center for children young adults living with with HIV . The unveiling of Parlas work was a display of murals on several floors including some art where many off  the young residences participated .

Celebrities riders also  came out later that evening to launch the event officially at the Kiehls Flagship in lower Manhattan.



Giles Marino (Sex and the City ) with some of the student residences.



Jose Parla with Chris from Kiehls
Jose Parla with Chris from Kiehls

Parla’s work was on display throughout the space. Seen above on the roof and below inside .



For more information go to  Kiehl’s






 Update: Kiehl’s raised $150,000, which will be applied to a cure-related research project at the Blood System Research Institute in San Francisco, led by Dr. Satish Pillai. Since 2010, Kiehl’s has raised $1.6 million for amfAR, funding eight cure-related research projects.

*All photos taken on site with the new Mototorola Droid Turbo 2

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