Want Thicker Hair in 6 Weeks? Here Are Some Solutions

Since It’s August , Leo time it only makes sense it’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month.  If you are like a lot of women, a  thicker, longer lion’s mane is always desirable. Unfortunately, at times in life with stress, hormones or illness our hair goes through it. Thinning, breaking , loss of volume are the most common ailments women experience. But fortunately all are fixable with some over the counter solutions.

The Celebrity Solution

Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements($49.99)

This little pill is all the rage among the Hollywood set . Why ? Because Viviscal actually works. 2 tablets a day for 3-6 month are guaranteed results according to the Viviscal research team. Loaded with AminoMar complex  Biotin, Vitamin C and Iron to nourish hair and feed it to grow. Personally I saw results within a month. My hair grew faster and seemed to have more volume. Star power: Reese Witherspoon , Finola Hughes.







 Hair La Vie – The Vegan Friendly Supplement

Hair La Vie only 2 yrs old. It is currently being raved about by you tubers and bloggers alike. The  all natural supplement loaded with 2o clinically proven ingredients including 5000 mcg of Biotin. That’s a heap more Biotin that most vitamins offer.  Here’s the skinny.

● 20 all-natural, clinically proven ingredients
● 1370mg proprietary active ingredient blend (highest on the market)
● 5000mcg biotin (most competitors have 2500 or lower)
● No synthetic fillers, binders, or additives
● Visible results after 2-3 weeks
● Grow healthier, fuller and longer hair or your money back

Price: $39 per bottle of 30 capsules

* 10% off for National Hair Loss Awareness Month


Vanity hair loss AKA Traction Alopecia Solutions

If you wear weaves , braids or wear a tight top knot bun often you run the risk of losing hair in certain areas where there is a lot of tension. Remember never let them braid your hair too tight. But If you do happen to have that issue grab one of these solutions for spot on hair loss



PHYTOTraxil by PhytoSpecific ($70)

PhytoTraxil  serum is for spot on treatment of thinning hair . Designed to increase density and fullness due to hair loss from braiding or weaving.  The special concentrated solution of  Darutoside and Angeline is added to prevent hardening  of collagen fibers  around the hair follicles that prevent hair from growing back . Moringa oil and Keigla keep hair moisturized and hydrated . In about 6 weeks most people see results.



For those who are starting to notice a bit of thinning get a jump start on it with  Spectral.DNC-N ($24.99)   

Spectral DNC-N is a stimulating topical hair solution that works for your guy also. The formula helps create a healthy scalp environment. A healthy scalp mean healthy hair. If you didn’t know now you do. Best of all it won’t breath the bank .

untitled (14)

Hair loss and thinning no longer need to be a problem with one of these solutions. Happy National Hair Loss Awareness Month !







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