Halloween Make Overs With NYX Cosmetics !

I recently met a few people who do not like Halloween. Imagine that. Well for those of us  who love it make up is the key. This year I went over to NYX Cosmetics  newest store launch in Union Square .The store was full of make up artist and their work was on Halloween make up creations on display. Take a look at some of the looks you can request this weekend.

While checking out the make up I noticed NYX has an incredible collection of body paints available in highly pigmented colors. If you plan on getting dressed for Halloween stop by and NYX Cosmetics and get your face paint done to perfection.

Here are some look to get you started.

Ghouls and Glamour looks
Ghouls and Glamour looks


Superhero and Zombie looks
Superhero and Zombie looks




Bride of Frankenstein
Bride of Frankenstein


Happy Halloween !

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