My Fall Make Up Favorites – Jane Iredale, MAC Cosmetics

Jane Iredale make up kind of snuck up on me because I didn’t  think they had colors for my skintone. Turns out they have broadened their range of darker shades in foundation and powders with more darker and deep hues. Yay Jane! Another reason I am loving this brand is they are mineral and healthy for your skin. This seasons fall collection included a gorgeous array of eye shadow primers that double as shadows. The red lipstick that works on all skin tones is called Cindy (after That Cindy Crawford). For brow obsessed Jane Iredale brow groomers are perfect for brushing and filling in all hair colors.


MAC Cosmetics has introduced an incredible new lipstick collection called Lipstensity.($21 ea)The colors are vibrant and true. As someone who dosen’t leave the house without lipstick this is a dream in make up. The 24 lipsticks are pigmented shades made from a new formula that  melts on contact with your lips to reveal true intense color. MAC took  this up another notch by working with Maureen Seaberg, at tetrachromat to develop Liptensity. A  what? A tetrachromat is a person who has the ability to literally see up to 100 million hues of color. And what colors you see it what you get. Skin tone is not even a factor.




I swatched each color one time and look how true the color are!




Have you tried either one of these brands fall make up collections? If so what is your favorites ?



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