Celebrate International Women’s Day With Women Owned Beauty

Happy International Women’s Day ! It’s a great time to focus on  us and the issues that effect women word wide. What women all over are most concerned with is keeping their families together and that requires lots of dinero.

So why not support women owned business ? Women are the fastest growing group of business owners in the world and many of them in beauty. Here at BL, we had to highlight a  few you should know about .

Sarah Akkari  CEO of Senteur d’Orient (Lebanon)


Hanna and Sarah Akkari

We love to smell wonderful. That’s why Senteurs D’Orient is so successful. Scents from the Orient and the art of bathing are the appeal. The brand employs a 90% female staff to produce and market the brand. Sarah Akkari who took over the company from her mother Hanna grew up with female empowerment at the helm so it’s only natural to keep continue this. . Sarah and her brand are known for their commitment women. They regularly donate 10% of proceeds back to the community to help with education for women in Lebanon.

Jean Sim , Co -Creator of Fresh Monster (Korea)

Jean Sim and Irena Todd of Fresh Monster

Jean a Korean immigrant  has dedicated Fresh Monster to producing the healthy hair and body care for the kids market. Using only premium toxin free ingredients at a fair price. She and her partner Irena Todd also and  immigrant from Croatia have built a business with working mom’s at the helm. Creating jobs for women and healthy products for the kids are the base of operations.


Obia Ewah,CEO of Obia Naturals (Nigeria)

Brother and sister team Omini and Obia Ewah

When Obia Ewah did a big chop and couldn’t find great products for her hair she decided to develop her own OBIA Naturals. As a trained chemist with a bachelors in Chemistry and Biology, Obia is more than qualified. After being struck by illness while in medical school Obia had to make some changes and began experimenting with her own concoctions. The result was OBIA Naturals . The brand specializes in vegan PH balanced natural hair products for naturally curly and kinky hair. Together with her brother Omini Ewah they bring environmentally safe beauty to the forefront of the natural hair community.



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images courtesy of Senteurs D’orient, Obia Naturals Fresh Monster image courtesy of CNBC , Ross LeClair


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