Mionetto Prosecco Challenges You to Make the best bubbly cocktail!Can You Make it?

August is my favorite month of the year for several reasons . Besides it being my birthday month ,it’s also best the beach month in the north east . But did you know it’s national bubbly cocktail month?

Cucumber Fizz ,Patty Scarff – Kalamazoo, MI – Professional

In the spirit of summer, Mionetto Prosecco is calling on you ,the mixologist of your crew or the professional to rise up to the challenge and create an original Mionetto cocktail.

Pompelmo Spruzzo (Dassy Pawlik – Buffalo, NY – Consumer)

Think you’ve got the right mix ? Then you’ve got till 8/31 to enter in your recipe into the 2nd annual Mionetto Cocktail challenge in partnership with Time Inc.’s Food & Wine.  http://mionettococktailchallenge.com/

Justin Noel

Justin Noel Mionetto Cocktail Judge 


Winning this challenge will require the surviving taste buds of too mixologist ,Justin Noel is the judge who judged the 2016 contest.

Good luck and happy mixing!

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