It’s World Coconut Day ! Where Are Your Coconuts?

As a huge fan of anything coconut I am all over this. Coconut has been dubbed the “tree of life” for a reason. The nut itself can be used to eat , the shell can be used creatively for just about anything you can image and the coconut water , well we have seen the evolution of this from just a island drink to an international beverage sensation ! It is truly sustainable and natural.

So where are my coconuts at? Let me tell you.

Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for skin care, hair care and body care. But it is a must for making homemade popcorn. Yes, that’s popcorn sans microwave. As in air popping the old fashion way. It’s ironically the best oil I’ve ever used for my favorite snack. Never a burnt kernel and lite coconut taste. There are all kinds of recipes using coconut oil just find one that works for you.

Using a high grade premium oil like the new Carrington Preminum MCT liquid Coconut oil or Spectrum solid is best.

Drinking Coconut

I love Coconut Water! Ok and that being said I’m a bit of purist . I like it plain from the actual coconut, but ice cold. So when a fizzy version is available I’m a bit skeptical but if there is a cocktail involved this could be a great start. Sparkling Ice offers this mixer friendly Coconut Pineapple drink full of vitamins and anitoxidants that mixes well with any coconut inspired beverage.

But if you’d rather add a little ginger Brooklyn Organics offers an organic Craft Coconut Ginger ale drink with bold fizz.

What is your favorite Coconut hack ?

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