Volez, Voguez, Voyagez: Louis Vuitton Exhibition


What can one say about the iconic fashion and luxury travel brand that has not been said ? Not much. But this weekend BL had the chance to take in a first for Louis Vuitton. The  NYC traveling exhibit . Stepping in we had an opportunity to learn the brand history, and get to know more about the man that started it all in 1837.

The exhibit is displayed in 10 rooms and tells the story of Louis Vuitton from the very beginning with classic vintage travel trunks ending with a Red Carpet room displaying LV garments worn by today’s hottest celebs. Here is a peak at what you’ll see .

Train travel in style 1820’s




1924 Vintage Luis Vuitton



The exhibition runs till January 7,2018 and tickets are free by registering online for a walk through or a guided tour. And don’t forget to pick up a collectors item pin on the way out. 


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