Get Your Tea And Drink It Too. New Years Eve Cocktails With Twinings

2018 is right around the corner what will you serve at your holiday a gathering that will knock them into new year with a bang? Hmmm

Champagne of course! My choice is this year is  Taittinger ,a genuine French Champagne worth every penny.


But before the big toast  how about some cocktails with a new twist ?Instead of your average sugary cocktail there are some mixers alternatives that cut sugar but not taste or the buzz.

I was invited to get an early preview of some great drink ideas with Twinings new flavored teas Buttermint, Lemon Delight and Berry Fusion from Mixologist Scoop Stone.  Stone worked on  revamping these two drinks just in time for the holidays.BTW did you know Twinings is the tea of Royal Highness of England?  Every package has Her Majesty’s seal. Ok to drinking like a Queen !



Tea Brewing Method: All recipes feature tea brewed at 1 bag to 2oz of cold water brought to a boil. Let the tea steep for four minutes (recommended brewing time) then squeeze the bag out into tea liquid and let it reach room temperature without chilling before using as a cocktail ingredient.



  •      3 oz Twinings Buttermint Tea
  •      1.5 oz Titos Vodka
  •      0.75 oz Barrow’s Intense Ginger

Method: Pour both ice and ingredients into a shaker and add just a touch of freshly scraped vanilla bean. Shake and pour all ingredients with ice into a rocks glass and garnish with a sprig of mint.



The Westminster Mule and The London Bridge Ice Tea


  •      2 oz Twinings Berry Fusion Tea
  •      2 oz Pimm’s No.1
  •      0.5 oz Broker’s London Dry Gin

·         0.5 oz St Germain

Method: Garnish a chilled martini glass with 1 or 2 handmade gin preserved blackberries. Add all ingredients with ice to a shaker. Shake and then strain ingredients into the glass.

For more information go to


Twinings Herbal Tea_Berry Fusion

Twinings Herbal Tea_Buttermint (1)

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