SweatCon Rally NYC Is Here!


Hey Ladies, looking for a good way to kick off Mother’s Day weekend?

If you are like me and working on getting that bod ready for summer then grab the gang and hit the  Sweatcon Rally this weekend. What is it? Well the website Sweat Concierge is the home  for honest workouts reviews. Their writers drop the 411 on latest studios and workouts from real experience. Sweat Con Rally NY is the an annual  fitness festival that allows you to check hottest studios in town. Think Zagat for fitness buffs.



With so many cool boutique fitness studios  in town, it can be daunting deciding on what to take up as your new workout obsessions.   At Sweat Concierge has partnered with about 21 studios this year. So here’s your chance to take a series of classes from studios like Y7, SWERVE, Neo U, CorePower Yoga, Exhale and EverybodyFights just to name a few.



Let Get Sweaty!

Tickets are still available at : sweatconrally.com



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