Catch Universal Music Group Artist Live At Aloft Hotels All Summer

Summer travel just got a bit more entertaining at the hotel. If you stay at  Aloft Hotels you’re in for a treat of unexpected new music. More over American Idol, this may be another ticket to music stardom!

Recently, I attended the Aloft Hotels event to witness the kick off of their partnership with Universal Music Group called Project Aloft All Stars.

The event kicked off at the Universal Music Group offices in New York City, with an intimate crowd of media and Aloft Hotel members. This is the second Aloft Hotels’ artist discovery competition. Shows will go on all summer at WXYZ bars in all hotels from Philly from Austin and everywhere in between.

During the launch guests had the pleasure of experiencing a performance by Banners,a UK musician and one of the first Universal Music Group artist on the tour. Modern rooms, great food, and free concerts. Seems like Aloft really wants to make sure their guests have a great experience! Sign me up.



What you’ll find at Aloft hotels besides music is a guest experience for the modern generation of travelers. The hotels are open with fresh vibrant spaces  technology and current design. You’ll find airy keyless rooms with 9 ft. ceilings , free fast Wi-F,i custom bath amenities by Bliss Spa and Botlr (high tech concierge service) and so much more!.

For more information on the tour and artist here

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