Jarlsberg® Joins Chef Elizabeth Haigh For The Global Burger Awareness Campaign

If you love your burgers you may want to check out some of these burger recipies ideas from Chef Elizabeth Haigh and Jarlsberg during the Global Burger Awareness campaign.

Even if you want to try this at home for you own veggie or non meat version let me know how it goes. Enjoy your burgers!

The Northern Temptation, Nutty Mushroom Melt, The Orient Cheese Express and the Korean Hot Bite.

The Nutty Mushroom Melt

The Rules :From July 15th until September 15th –Fans will get the chance to enter to winexclusive Jarlsberg® Apron and Tongs every week; the grand prize is a Gourmet Grill, so that winners can re-create their favorite Jarlsberg® burgers, just in time for a fabulous summer.  Fans can triple their chance to win by sharing their Jarlsberg burger at #Jarlsbergburger on Instagram.  For promotion details www.jarlsberg.com/us/burger/

·         To follow  films and photos for social media and print materials for in-store use, including a burger shaped brochure with the burger recipes go toJarlsberg You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxc3A0SW2FTM8aLE5uDE5lg

·         For recipes and more information go towww.jarlsberg.

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