Winter Workout With CycleBar Spin Classes

Anyone that has known me is aware of the fact that I am athletic and like to workout. In fact, I have been a bit obsessed with it since the age of 17. But I am in no way a bodybuilder or heavily muscular.

However, I have been told that I look like I workout or I am in good shape and that’s always nice to hear but I do it because it just really makes me feel good. A good sweat sesh can change your day for the better. Ever had runners high? Well, it’s not limited to running. You can get that “cardio high” with any high intensity sport. 

Lately, I’ve noticed my body is doing some weird stuff and my shape seems to be changing a bit. As in a little thicker in the middle than I would like. Admittedly I’ve slacked most of the winter on my workouts due to a personal situations but I keep going as often as I could. After a series of disappointments throughout the year I had lost my motivation and was in a funk.

Then, few months ago I found a new CycleBar had opened in town offering the first ride free. I ride a Trek most days around town anyway so I thought what’s not to like about that?Well, I was hooked after that first ride and decided to add this to my spring summer work out routine.

Me just before heading into Cyclebar with a week old blowout from Harlem’s  Beleza Naturals. (update: Beleza Naturals permanently closed )

What I found at Cyclebar is tough trainers, great music and a way to track my performance with each class. The new app feature tracks your classes and updates your progress with each one.

Here you’ll get hooked on these 45 minutes dripping sweat sessions

1. Each class is different so it’s never the same routine. Each class has a free weight toning segment.
2. All of the instructors have their own style
3. Classes are offered throughout the day there is always one to fit your schedule
4 Happy Hour themed classes and Live DJ classes are available
5 Clean showers and amenities and after workout snacks are available (pre Covid)

So after 45 minutes on a CycleBar bike my legs feel like noodles, I am dripping in sweat and my skin is glowing and I am so happy that I kept pushing myself and got through it. My results have been immediate: feeling lighter, stronger and improved cardiovascular results. 

So if you are thinking about trying it go for it. They are always offering a special specials so don’t hesitate to try out a class. If you are going to the  Jersey City Cyclebar check out Jasmine’s class. 
Check for more information

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