Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz! It’s National Coffee Day . Natural Coffee Beauty Products Worth The Buzz

Even though I’m not a coffee drinker that doesn’t mean I can’t get my buzz on. I’m one of those that love the smell of it but drinking it does nothing but make me feel like I’m bouncing off the walls. So I keep my coffee consumption to things like coffee cake, coffee ice cream, and coffee beauty products.

For National Coffee Day I’m going to talk beauty, after all, there are so many options and beauty benefits to the caffeine bean. I read somewhere that actress Halle Berry is a big fan of coffee scrubs. Enough said.

I recently attended the Indie Beauty Expo and stumbled upon the most amazing coffee scrub by Dirty Lamb Organic Coffee Scrub. Dirty Lamb Organic Coffee Scrub

Why is it amazing you ask? Well for one its made with organic Turkish coffee. Add a bit of peppermint and mint leaves which stimulate the senses and the lymphatic draining system and you’ve got a natural cellulite cure. Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub is balanced out with organic coconut oil as well. Scrubbing this on my body a few times a week left my skin beyond baby smooth and the cellulite I thought I saw coming in was halted. Well, I like to think so at least temporarily. But whats different about this brand is it can be used on the face and body. On the face use it as pick me up, a mask to soften and tighten the skin. The bottom line is for $22 this is one of the best dual purpose beauty investments.

Another Coffee beauty product I’ve loved it comes from JAVA coffee infused skincare. I found out about them some time ago and tried their facial oil which sadly is no longer on the menu. But the brand now offers a JAVA double shot body serum $56 which is “brimming with a concentrated blend of our signature organic green coffee and organic argan oil.” This luxury serum is meant to even ,brighten , moisturize, and soften skin with a slew of antioxidants to boot.


Now go out and get your favorite brew.

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