What Your Relationship And Your Sports Bras Have In Common ?

The revamped Maia by Moving Comfort
The revamped Maia by Moving Comfort

Getting ready to for summer with tough workouts require some support. I spoke with the experts  on sports bras, Moving Comfort during a Jam Media preview  . After discussing the ups and downs of life it became painfully obvious that a sports bra may be in need of an update just like a relationship. In any case, If you have been wearing your same trusty sports bra to workouts,yoga, and all around active days it can start to display signs of bad relationship ship . These are some common things that kill your sports bra performance.

  • It rubs you the wrong way
  • It’s not supportive anymore
  • Just isn’t a good fit

But a good bra like a relationship needs revamping ” The the updated Maia sports bra from Moving Comfort can change all of that. This new updated version has more cup support for a minimizing effect and includes gel padding for supreme shoulder support. The shell fabric adds compression keeps the girls from escaping. You’ll never worry about a wardrobe a malfunction with the Maia. Want to find the perfect sports bra? Check out this  video here from Moving Comfort  while they  help you find exact fit.

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