Summer Essentials Picks And A Few Suggestions from BirchBox

Summer is my favorite time of year . I’ll take it hot and sticky any day over the cold. So when the weather heats up if you are like me you’re hitting the park , beach, cycle trails just some al fresco entertainment with friends.

Here are few of my favorite things to enjoy the summer outdoors.

  • Always have something to chill on like a fold away chair or mat. It just makes the whole experience worth it and saves our clothes from disaster.
  • I like this Mayfly Chair by Alite it folds up in it’s own bag making it the perfect portable nylon seat. You mayhave some trouble the first time trying to assemble it ( I sure did)  but after that it’s pretty simple. It can actually hold up to 250lbs so no worries there.


  • A good pair of flip flops like these from the summer collection of Havianas


  • Natures Gate Aqua Sunscreen SPF 50 – I put this on before heading out and it seems to really help keep my skin from drying out in the sun and I’m well protected sweat or not.  Don’t forget it great on the feet too.
  • Sunglasses – A cool pair of shades is essential for any summer outing . I like these below by  Carerra round framed interchangeable sunglasses that can be customized by lenses and color frame.


Another option to try  is the cat eye these super chic frames  from Fendi .

Cat Eye Frames by Fendi

Just in case there was something missing I decided to tap the experts of small portable beauty at Here are their recommended summer essentials  for a day out in the sun.

Artisan Project Beach Blanket $48

Jonathan adler Playing Cards $0- you’ll always have fun with a game of chance and wits.


Supergoop !At Play Value Set $45 – Always stay protected

Nude Audio Move M Portable Blue Tooth Speaker , $69.99  Keep the tunes going  during  some park time.


Ban do. Back Me Up Mobil Charger $30 – Because its  always important to  stay charged.

With a few of these items in your bag your ready for a day in out in the sunshine

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