Happy Anniversary to Winter Skincare with Dove

How are you taking care of your skin this winter?

This winter my skin has been in love with the creamy smooth Dove cleansing creme . In the shower it leaves my skin smooth clean and moisturized. This cream is a big step forward from the classic bar. But guess what? That  bar is actually 60 years old this month.

For many the Dove beauty bar  has  been a staple in the household since childhood. Since 1957 it’s been the beauty essential for millions of women.The famous bar with 1/4 moisturizer is all set to go another 60 years. If you’re one of those that has never tried Dove, now is the time .

In honor of this very special anniversary Dove is kicking off a new campaign asking women to share how you’ll continue to #RaiseTheBeautyBar.

Commemorative Dove Beauty Bar


Check out Dove.com for more details .









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