6 Tips To Stay Bikini Ready All Year From Nutritionist Brooke Alpert



Nutritionist , Brooke Alpert, M. S, R.D, C. D. N.
Nutritionist , Brooke Alpert, M. S, R.D, C. D. N.



Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and author of Healthy Eating During Pregnancy and The Sugar Detox. She is the founder of B Nutritious, So naturally she wash the perfect person to tap for  tip on staying  bikini ready this fall. . After all summer is over but then there is resort season, that time in the dead of winter when you simply MUST get away. Don’t let the the fall winter season get you blue. Stay sunny and happy and ready for the beach  with these tips. You’ll be ready for Summer 2016.
1. Focus on fiber. Make sure you’re eating a variety of veggies throughout the day to help keep you full and satisfied, this will help keep you strong enough to resist those overindulgent choices.


2. Protein is a must. Make sure you’re eating protein at every meal and snack. It will help create lean muscle mass post work-out, keep you feeling satisfied, and help keep that belly nice and flat.


3. Never skip meals. Skipping meals does two things… 1) causes your metabolism to slow down (i.e. burning less calories) and 2) causes you to overeat at your next meal…both are things to avoid when we want to stay in shape! I recommend eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours to make sure your keeping you body well energized throughout the day and to prevent overeating and packing on unwanted pounds.


4. Get your beauty rest! With school and work back in full swing, it’s easy to lose out on sleep. But lack of sleep has been strongly linked to weight gain and increased stress levels…two things we definitely are not looking for in the fall. Get your zzz’s!


5. Stay active. All that outdoor running, soccer, tennis, bike riding, doesn’t have to end yet, just throw on an extra layer and keep going! Working out not only helps maintain a healthy weight but it also empowers you to make healthy food choices throughout the day. Also…stay moving throughout the day, that 5am  spin class was amazing, but still try to walk home from work or get off a stop or two earlier from the subway or bus. The more movement you get, the more bikini-ready you will stay!


6. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Even though the temperature are not as hot, that doesn’t mean your body needs any less water. Our body’s often mistake hunger for thirst, meaning you can end up overeating, when you in actuality you are just dehydrated…no food needed! If you make sure to keep up the right amount of H2O, then you’ll be better equipped to read those hunger signs as true hunger and not add on those extra calories.


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