It’s Good Not To Be Home at the Hyatt Regency

Most of us can use a little escape from our day to day. If it’s a business trip or just a weekend away it’s good not to be home and stay at a comfy hotel with all the trimmings.

Recently, I was able to get a taste of the business travelers dream at Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ. As a premium hotel they reached out to the best of the best  to make your stay even better  Hyatt looked to upgrade travelers experiences when on the road. Just what are these? The debut of Hyatt Regency Hotel Creations.

Staying on track with workouts and Eating Well  :

Gunnar Peterson, Celebrity Personal Trainer and James Beard pastry chef Dominique Ansel paired up to create the Fit & Fuel Pairings for in room fitness and meal options.

You may have heard of Gunnar as he is the man that has sculpted some of the most famous derriere’s  a la Jennifer Lopez, and Khloe Kardashian. “What’s Khloe’s secret to getting in such great shape so quickly” I asked Peterson . ” Khloes is dedicated and consistent and she works hard” he said Oh and she does do a million squats ! So there you have it.

Dominuqe Ansel is the man behind my new obsession the Cronut. I’d never had one before this night but now I’m hooked.

Bu I’ll be skipping the cronuts in favor of this menu. The Fit and Fuel program takes the guess work out of what to eat after a workout on the road and how to get the burn with little to no equipment. Here is a peak at the workout you’ll find in  your room .

Gunnar Peterson and the workout crew give a demo of in room workouts
Gunnar Peterson and the workout crew give a demo of in room workouts (image by Mansueto Ventures)

Fit & Fuel Pairings

Workout #1-Strength intensive:  

  • Warm-up – 10 minutes of your choice of movement drills (march in place, body weight squats, etc.)
  • Repeat each move in THIS ORDER 4x
  • Jump rope x 50 jumps
  • Bodyweight squats x 25
  • Reverse crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 20 – Break it down until you get 20 every time through!
  • Bed dips x10-20
  • Burpee with jump x 5
  • Dumbbell bent over rows x 10-12
  • Dumbbell curls x 12-20
  • Dumbbell raises x 15-20

Workout #1 Pairing:

  • Chicken Sausage Shakshuka
    • Apple chicken sausage with tomato sauce with onions, red peppers, and cumin and poached eggs; side pita with zatar

This dish was actually being served up at the event and was pretty delicious workout or not.


Looking good and grooming

Designer Cynthia Rowley and Tech Mogul Randi Zuckerberg teamed up to bring travelers the ultimate hotel creation . A beauty and grooming bar experience to unwind and add  a bit of luxury to your trip. Manicures, make up ,lashes and shaving services will be available.

(images by : Mansueto Ventures)

Cynthia Rowley and Randi Zuckerberg relax at the On The Go Beauty Bar experience


Dominique Ansel enjoys the grooming services.

Of course, I partook in this because who turns down a manicure ever? My purple mani was in them with the event from Spa on the Go. Lashes were also on the menu. Guest of the Hyatt Regency’s will have a choice of full or partial applications during services.

(shot with MotoZ ForceDroidTurbo2/Shatterproof)

Hyatt Beauty Bar manicure
Hyatt Beauty Bar manicure
Geting training tips from Gunnar Peterson
Guest made their own gift bags
Guest went home with these comfy slippers .

So If you are planning on traveling soon you may want to consider at Hyatt Regency for the stay and some a la cart luxury treatment. Be sure to check with the hotel to make sure the programs are available.  Buen Viaje! #ItsGoodNotToBehome




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